The sway bar link, as its name suggests, links the sway bar to the car's automobile's suspension; so as soon as it does get faulty, expect your automobile to swing more when cornering. The problem might be as easy as a lost washer or nut, but it can tell the difference between a great and poor vehicle handling so make sure that this sort of matter in your Audi S6 sway bar link is addressed as quickly as possible.

For less stressful drives, it is necessary that leans while cornering are reduced, and that job is conducted by the sway bar, which is often called anti-roll bar. When the said link seems to lose its capacity to hook up the sway bar correctly to the suspension, unstable handling can be expected. It won't take long up until youdiscover that the sway bar link for your Audi S6 has seen better days simply because this bar moves by itself, it generates unusual and clear noises. You will not only discover rattles and clicks when you drive in a corner; Audi S6 sway bar links may also create clunking sound any time you went on bumps.

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