Vehicle owners who recognize that their ride sways exceedingly when cornering must focus on the sway bar link because it is the part joining the sway bar to your vehicle's suspension. Even if it's only the bushing, the washer, or nut in the link that's lost, it influences the capacity of the Audi S5 sway bar link to keep the sway bar in its correct location, therefore leading to poor handling.

Also referred to as anti-roll bar, this vehicle component is just a simple tubular item that performs a very critical job of reducing the sway or body roll experienced by your ride when cornering. When the said link seems to lose its potential to link the sway bar correctly to the suspension of your ride, unstable handling can be expected. It sure won't take long until youdiscover that the sway bar link for your Audi S5 has stopped working because as the sway bar moves by itself, it generates unusual and hearable noises. Audi S5 sway bar links generate rattles and clicks as soon as your automobile leans when cornering; they create clunking sound once you pass through rough surfaces.

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