If the automobile leans excessively while going through corners, you can suspect a defective sway bar link since it is this component connecting the edge of your sway bar to the suspension. Any trouble with the Audi Rs4 sway bar link, including minor ones, can negatively influence your control over your ride so it is smart to assure that it stays in great situation.

Also known as anti-roll bar, this bar is only a simple tubular part that performs a very vital work of reducing the swing or body roll felt by the vehicle when cornering. Due to the fact that your car won't be prevented from bending in corners, lousy handling can be expected the moment the sway bar fails to link correctly to the suspension. It's going to be less difficult for you to find out once the sway bar link for your Audi Rs4 has failed due to strange noises which can be generated once the sway bar freely sway around without depending on the chassis and the vehicle's shape. As the car goes through corners, you sure will hear clicks and rattles and any time you're passing through bumps, faulty Audi Rs4 sway bar links typically create a clunking noise.

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