Car Sway Bar Links

To better understand the importance of the Sway Bar Link, think of your very own joints. Yes, your joints; those points where your bones meet and make contact. They are rather trivial when we speak of how our body functions-or so we think, especially since when we're asked to enumerate parts of our anatomy, we instantaneously give a litany like this: brain, heart, lungs, stomach, skin, and so on till all major organs have been stated.

Conversely, that's how it is, too, with the link of your sway bar. It's not likely to be mentioned when someone asks what the important parts of your car's suspension are. It's very much "minor" to some. However, like our joints, the link has a specific function that if not completed will render the whole system, particularly your sway bar, ineffective.

Front sway bar link, rear sway bar link, they operate on the same principle. Only difference is their location. So what are they really for? They establish a connection between the end of the sway bar and the suspension itself. Before you can enjoy the benefits brought by your sway bar, you have to secure its link first. Without a car sway bar link, the sway bar won't attach to the chassis properly, and without this linkage, it can't function. So what happens when the sway bar doesn't work? For one, you increase the chance of risks when negotiating a corner. It's the job of the sway bar to prevent oversteer and understeer, so if it doesn't operate, making a turn won't be done smoothly.

Either the front sway bar link or rear sway bar link has an effect in the handling of your car. And so, when one of them gets damaged, you need to remedy the problem at once. There are certain symptoms you can look out for if you're suspecting the link to be broken already. For one, besides your car's handling being sloppy, you will hear a knocking sound coming from the link. This is caused by the sway bar come loose, now freely flopping around. Also, when you go over bumps, you may hear a clicking sound and your sway bar will excessively move. However, the best way to determine if the link is damaged, is to inspect it. If the link is worn out, it will either be dislocated from the suspension on one end or the sway bar on the other.

If you find out your Sway Bar Link is already beyond repair, then it's only wise to get a quality replacement. You can check Parts Train's online catalog for your options. We surely have the link that will perfectly complement your sway bar for maximum efficiency. This item comes with a pocket-friendly price tag and backed by a 1-year, unlimited-mileage warranty. Explore our selection and place your order now!