When you're cornering, that is, when performing it at fairly hurried speeds, you rapidly swerve with your Lincoln Navigator, your body shall be somewhat pushed closer towards the outer side of the turn-all of the parts of your motor vehicle will likely experience the same thing. And here, the Lincoln Navigator sway bar bushing plus the sway bar goes in the picture; they're a part of the automobile's suspension set up. To do its duty fully, the sway bar ought to be held firmly in its appropriate position, with some room for elasticity-a job for the sway bar bushing.

What is the sway bar bushing there for if the sway bar's responsible for the work? Whenever you make an effort to turn a tight corner, expected and natural physical forces pushes you and your motor vehicle closer towards the outside of the turn, at which point the sway bar mounted on your Lincoln Navigator moves itself to combat those forces. Firmly held in place by the Lincoln Navigator sway bar bushing, the bar itself reacts promptly to your car's movements accordingly-all in an effort to keep it secure and level to the streets, keeping your vehicle from being dangerously rolled-over even through the skinniest, most improbable turn.

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