A busted Chrysler Pt Cruiser sway bar bushing spells nothing but problems. Once this suspension unit is totally worn out, itrrrs likely that the sway bar will be disconnected from the car's body. Too much body roll and other handling problems are some of the things you'll go through which will make driving pretty difficult for you. Above all else, a broken sway bar link will badly affect your driving safety.

Thankfully, you could have a Chrysler Pt Cruiser sway bar bushing at any local hardware shops and internet car merchandise stores. To pick the exact sway bar bushing for your rig, it's best that you check your car handbook before you buy one. The manual has some relevant data pertaining to sway bar bushing replacement. Right after you've mounted it, you can give it a test to find out if it's operating in sync with the other suspension components of your car.

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