When you drive your Buick Special on the highways, you should be mindful to minimize understeering and oversteering to avert a potential crash or a turnover of the automobile. Fortunately, there's a component labeled the sway bar which helps counter roll movement to protect against vehicle rolling over. Your vehicle's sway bar bushing is installed on the chassis and enables the sway bar to act in response correctly to the vehicle's motion. Assuming your car didn't feature a Buick Special sway bar bushing, then you'd have trouble driving because of the rigid link of the sway bars.

If you realize that the sway bar bushings in your Buick Special are busted or absent, you have to replace them immediately. Purchase a top-class sway bar bushing that's constructed from durable materials and can tolerate all the high temperatures and friction made by your Buick Special and its regular operation. By having fresh Buick Special sway bar bushings put in, you can get to enjoy a better, much safer, and easier-handled ride than in the past.

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