The neverending squealing in your vehicle is undoubtedly a sign of faulty Porsche Boxster suspension. It's very unsafe to drive with a busted suspension because your vehicle's handling will be terrible and you will get all sorts of driveability complications. You need to move quickly to fix any irregularity before something incredibly distressing happens on the road. Provided that you've got adequate DIY knowledge and the right tools, you can definitely change several components by yourself.

There's a huge possibility you have a defective unit in your Porsche Boxster suspension if you really haven't changed anything for some time. For example, loud chirping and thudding noises are typical indications of faulty joints. If your factory-installed strut mounts stop working correctly, be prepared to regularly nosedive on potholes, which would wreck more parts on the front end of the automotive. It'd be wise not to drive your Porsche Boxster until you have thoroughly repaired your suspension for your safety.

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