The struts of your Nissan Murano, consisting of varied items like coil springs and shocks, make the auto structure sound and secure for smooth suspension. Unfortunately, even tough Nissan Murano struts will break eventually, and this will affect suspension and steering. A ruined strut kit might cause drifting when braking, unwanted body roll, and possibly tire damage.

A damaged Nissan Murano strut assembly may exhibit signs of deterioration such as rattles and jolts, most especially if ever you drive over a bump. If ever the struts of your Nissan Murano go bad, these parts might sink and leak because of holes in seals and/or the body. Don't ignore indications of strut breakage—some people recommend that you inspect this suspension component annually, ideally during wheel alignment. If the struts of your Nissan Murano call for replacement kits, you may go for topnotch aftermarket options that offer high quality at lower prices.

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