The struts of your Eagle Summit, which consist of different suspension parts just like coil springs and shocks, help make the vehicle framework steady for great suspension. Over time, Eagle Summit struts will later on wear out, which will lead to terrible suspension and ride quality. A ruined strut will likely lead to brake dives, too much body roll, and even premature tire breakage.

Watch out for tell-tale signs of a ruined Eagle Summit strut assembly—you may hear some rattling noise, sometimes followed by shudders once you drive over a rough patch on the highway. Weak struts of your Eagle Summit will likely droop or have leaking problems because of holes. Don't ignore symptoms of strut failure—experts suggest that you examine this suspension component yearly, preferably along with alignment of wheels. If the struts of your Eagle Summit require replacement units, you can go for premium aftermarket parts that provide you with high quality at better rates.

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