Car Struts

An ear-shattering, cringe-inducing metallic sound erupts from somewhere underneath your car as it goes over a dip in the road. You curse the air, thinking about what parts could've been busted up this time. Bottoming out is a sure sign of suspension failure, so expect more terrifying stuff as your suspension parts continue to break down. If you haven't changed your struts ever since you got your car, they're probably a major reason why you're ride's bouncing uncontrollably and scraping concrete. Driving your car in such a state is extremely dangerous, so get ready to install some replacement parts as soon as possible.

One common misconception even among motorists is the idea of what a strut is. The truth is, this part is not a single component, but an assembly of various suspension parts. It's typically made of a shock absorber, coil spring, steering knuckle and bearings. Any of these parts can sustain damage, messing up the entire assembly. Since the assembly is responsible for dampening shock and providing stability to the car, any damage to it could cause trouble in your vehicle's overall handling and balance. To prevent such problems, it's advisable to replace the assembly every 40,000 miles or annually. You should replace it even earlier if you use your vehicle for extremely uneven off-road trails.

It's quite easy to tell when Car Struts are busted since they make driving a truly rattling experience. If your car bounces and sways too much even when the road is considerably straight, it's very likely that there's something wrong with its suspension. Nosediving when braking is another common symptom, as well as uneven tire wear due to the vehicle's improper alignment. It's very dangerous to drive a vehicle with all these symptoms on the road, so you better keep it in the garage 'til all its bad suspension parts are replaced.

Struts can have various types of damage, including leaking shocks, worn coil springs and busted piston rods among many others. When any of these happens to your assembly, you really have no choice but to replace the parts right away. One important thing to remember when doing the replacement job is to use proper tools and equipment, such as a jack and jack stands. Also, remember that the spring is under tremendous pressure, so you need a spring compressor for the removal process. It's a good idea to ask somebody to help you remove the old part and install the new one to further reduce the risk of injury.

Here at Parts Train, we have the strongest Struts in the industry and we're offering them at prices that won't hurt your budget. These are heavy-duty replacement parts manufactured according to OE specifications for snug fit. The next bottoming out episode could see your parts falling off and tumbling down the highway, so stop investing in disaster. Replace your busted suspension parts right away to restore crisp handling and proper balance to your car.