Car Strut Inserts

The workplace is a stressful place. The rigors of the daily grind can easily push anyone to the brink of blowing up. The last thing you really want is for the stress to follow you inside your car, but it will-when you have a bad Strut Insert. Expect to be rattled to and from the office everyday as your suspension system shimmies and bounces uncontrollably. If you don't replace the busted part right away, you're going to come home with all sorts of body aches every single day.

As you know, Strut Inserts are essential parts of strut assemblies and they're located inside the assembly's housing. They're part of a system that absorbs or dampens shock, giving you that smooth and balanced ride even though the road may be uneven. Of course, like all parts of your car, the inserts wear out over time and when they do, you must replace them immediately 'cause tinkering with them isn't going to solve anything. One way to check if the inserts or other parts of the suspension system are busted is by pushing the corners of your car up and down. If the corners tend to bounce up several times before stopping, you have a suspension problem.

Bad suspensions have other symptoms that are very hard not to notice. That nosediving habit your car does whenever you hit the breaks is just one common symptom of a bad Car Strut Insert. Since the suspension system has a lot to do with the balance of your car, it's also very likely that it will pull to one side while you are driving on a straight road. Overall, steering and braking will be harder, and the car will exhibit excessive play. If you've been noticing uneven tire wear, that's also another consequence of the suspension's imbalance.

Considerable DIY experience is required to replace your existing Strut Insert as you will have to remove the assembly from the car, as well as remove the assembly's spring. Remember: do not perform this replacement job if you don't have the proper tools and knowledge since the spring is under great pressure. You should have a spring compressor in order to remove the strut bearing or retainer safely. Taking it out without proper tools could result in serious injury. It's best to ask somebody to lend you a hand when performing the procedure. Also, make sure to replace the inserts in pairs and to have the car's alignment checked after the installation.

Before you do anything in the garage, check out our catalog here at Parts Train for a heavy-duty replacement Strut Insert. We only offer affordable but high-quality products from the industry's most trusted manufacturers. It's time to stop your old strut from stressing you out. Replace it as soon as possible to bring back the relaxing times in your car.