Many of today's vehicles are equipped with struts in place of shock absorbers. Because keeping your car in a dynamic state of balance is vital, strut assemblies have taken the dampening function of the shock absorber a notch higher. If your Volkswagen is equipped with a strut, then you are in for a comfortable and trouble-free ride for miles and miles of driving application. Volkswagen strut assembly is made from heavy duty and sturdy materials designed to last for a long time.

In essence, strut assemblies are shock absorbers with a heavy spring over them. When the spring in your vehicle's suspension system is deflected it stores energy. Without the strut, the spring will expand and release its energy at an uncontrollable rate which in turn can cause uncomfortable pulsations in the vehicle. Located in the upper control arm and upper ball joint, strut assemblies are used as a dampener in most of today's independent suspension. Just like a shock absorber, the pistons in the struts allow it to control the movement of the suspension system. The valving creates resistance to forces produced by the up and down movement of the suspension.

Strut assemblies also put up with much of the side load placed on your car's suspension. It supports the spring and the vehicle suspension allowing you to get better control, handling and steering capabilities. Strut assemblies are often composed of the coil spring, the strut housing and damping unit each performing their own function. The coil spring supports the car's weight; the strut housing provides the structural support and the damping unit controls the spring movement. The bottom end of the strut body is connected to the steering knuckle that links to a lower control arm through a lower ball joint.

Worn out and damaged strut assemblies can cause irregular wear on tires such as cupping and feathering. Unfortunately, once a tire has started a wear pattern it will continue for the entire life of the tire even if the problem is fixed. As such securing a new set of strut can help fix the problem. Replacing your worn strut will keep your tires from premature wear, giving you better ride and control and may even increase your fuel mileage. With a new strut assembly in your vehicle, the suspension can oscillate for one or two diminishing cycles restricting and dampening excessive movement.

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