A shot Toyota Mr2 strut assembly is bad news for you-awful auto suspension is normally the effect in case this assembly goes kaput. There'll be increased swerving and bouncing, especially when you're hitting the brakes, driving over humps, or making a tight turn. So you'll never have to suffer from rough rides any longer, repair the OE when it's already shot and not doing a good job at controlling the up-and-down motions of your ride.

Despite how smooth the road may seem, there are still imperfections such as humps that make your vehicle bounce and sway almost uncontrollably-fortunately, your Toyota Mr2 strut assembly minimizes the force. Because of stress and damaging road elements such as road salt and gunk, the strut assembly might wear out after a certain mileage. When it's already necessary to fix the defective suspension part, use a stock replacement that's compatible with your automobile's make, model, and year. Numerous aftermarket choices conform to or even exceed original equipment quality-they're sturdy and, most importantly, does not cost more.

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