Be ready for a very rough ride once the Toyota Highlander strut assembly is already ruined, making handling horrible. There will be too much bouncing and swerving, most especially when you're applying brakes, driving over bumps, or making a tight turn. The strut reduces the up-down motion of your vehicle, so for a steady and level ride, you'd better replace this suspension part before it finally breaks.

Despite how flawless the road may appear, there are still rough spots just like bumps that make your vehicle sway or bounce too much-lucky for you, your Toyota Highlander strut assembly reduces the force. Eventually, the strut assembly breaks, most especially if it is heavily subjected to road salt or rough driving conditions. To repair this malfunctioning equipment, go for a hard-wearing stock replacement that matches your car's specs. You will surely find a bevy of OE replacement components that are more affordable yet ensure excellent fit and quality just like an authentic factory-installed part.

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