The suspension system is a vital part of every car. The car suspension is tasked with providing stability for the steering with good handling and also to ensure the comfort of the passengers. If the roads we have are all flat with no irregularities, the suspension system would not have been necessary. However, our roads are far from flat. Even well paved roads and race tracks have slight imperfections that necessitate interaction with the wheels of a car. These imperfections and irregularities are the ones which applies forces to the wheels of your car. According to a famous law on motion, "all forces have both magnitude and direction." Applying this law, we would know the reason why a bump in the road could cause the wheel to move up and down along the surface of the road.

The car's suspension system is composed of various other parts which assist it in its overall task. One of these parts is the strut assembly. The strut assembly is in use in most cars because of their reliability and excellent performance. Among the car brands which make use of the strut assembly is the Toyota. The Toyota strut assembly consists of all the struts that are found in the automobile. Struts are a very significant part of the car's suspension system because they are the structural components tasked with resisting longitudinal compression. They are either used as passive braces to reinforce the chassis or active components of the suspension system.

There are two types of struts available in the market today, one is the McPherson type of strut, and the other is the Chapman strut. The difference between these two struts is found on the location where they can be placed. In a McPherson strut, you can place it in both the front and rear suspension of your car, while the Chapman strut can be used only in the rear suspension. However, even if you choose a McPherson strut or a Chapman strut, once it is in a Toyota it shall form part of the Toyota strut assembly.

The incorporation of the strut and spring combination in the automobile has made the front suspension more simplified because it has eliminated the need for the upper control arm or the ball joint. This has also redounded to the gain in both manufacturing and weight of the car. However, if one of the integral parts is damaged, the whole Toyota strut assembly needs to tear away, since you cannot get into the damaged parts without having to pull away the entire unit. Even so the benefit you derive from the Toyota strut assembly greatly outweighs this minor inconvenience.

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