Expect to have a very rough riding experience once the Suzuki Sidekick strut assembly is already damaged, making handling awful. You'll see a dip in ride quality, as your car plunges, wobbles, and jolts when you stop or corner. The strut assembly minimizes the bounce and sway of your vehicle, so to have a firm and trouble-free ride, you'd better fix this suspension component well before it completely cracks.

No matter how even the road may look, there are still irregularities such as bumps that make the vehicle bounce and sway almost uncontrollably-lucky for you, your Suzuki Sidekick strut assembly absorbs the force. Eventually, the strut assembly wears out, specially if it's heavily exposed to damaging elements or harsh road environment. To mend this malfunctioning equipment, go for a durable stock replacement that suits your vehicle's specifications. Many aftermarket choices conform to or even surpass OE quality-they're highly reliable and, most importantly, aren't that expensive.

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