A busted Porsche 914 strut assembly is bad news for you-sloppy vehicle suspension is normally the outcome in case this kit fails. There'll be excessive bounce and sway, most especially when you're braking, driving over potholes, or making a sudden turn. The strut kit reduces the up-down motion of your vehicle, so for a smooth and bounce-free ride, you'd better fix this part well before it completely fails.

Regardless of how even the road may seem, there are still irregularities like potholes that make the car sway or bounce excessively-fortunately, your Porsche 914 strut assembly absorbs the shock. Due to pressure and damaging road elements that include salt and gunk, the strut assembly might break after a few thousand miles. To fix this malfunctioning suspension part, go for a hard-wearing replacement that fits your car's features. A good number of aftermarket parts match or even beat OEM quality-these are very durable and, most importantly, aren't that expensive.

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