A lot of factors affect your Porsche's motion. You have there road condition, speed and weight distribution among others. Under all these elements, keeping the suspension system including the shocks, struts and springs in tip-top condition is vital. This all affects our ride comfort so maximizing it through proper suspension system maintenance is significant.

The strut assembly is among the important components of the suspension system. As a dampener component of your vehicle, it offers you the proper ride from your suspension components. It functions in eliminating the bouncing motion of the springs. Most modern vehicles are equipped with struts in the front suspension and shocks on the rear. Because of the design of the strut, it is practically lighter than the shock and takes up lesser space. Overall, your Porsche strut assembly performs two main roles - to dampen excessive movements and provide support to the suspension system. Such role makes the struts a major factor in your riding comfort and vehicle handling ability.

As one of the critical components of the suspension system, struts have much to do in the efficiency of your vehicle. Because it constantly carries the entire weight of your vehicle and dampens pulsations when driving through bumpy roads, its wear is inevitable. Worn strut assembly can significantly affect vehicle weight transfer from side to side and from front to back. This reduces the tire's ability to keep firm traction on the road as well as affect its handling and braking performance.

Keeping regular maintenance and inspection of the strut assembly is vital to prolong its reliable service life. Time and usage will eventually wear out the part. If you take a worn out strut assembly for grated for so long, you risk greater damage and expense in the long run. Defective strut assembly must be replaced immediately to maintain optimum gain in steer handling and road navigation. If you hear a thumping noise in the rear or front of your car when driving through bumps, it is an indication that the strut needs replacement. Not regularly replacing and inspecting the strut can cause premature wear on the other suspension components. So have your strut inspected every service interval to completely extend its life.

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