Expect a very bouncy driving experience once the Pontiac 6000 strut assembly is already busted, making suspension and steering horrible. There will be increased bouncing and swerving, most especially if your are applying brakes, driving over bumps, or making a sharp turn. So you won't have to suffer from rough rides ever again, replace the old strut assembly if it's already shot and no longer doing a decent job at minimizing the up-down motions of your car.

No matter how smooth the street may seem, there are still imperfections just like bumps that make your automobile bounce or sway almost uncontrollably-good thing is, your Pontiac 6000 strut assembly minimizes the force. Eventually, the strut assembly weakens, most especially if it's heavily subjected to damaging elements or tough road conditions. Once it's time to change the weak suspension equipment, look for a new strut assembly that's a perfect fit to your vehicle's make and model. Numerous aftermarket choices meet or even beat OE quality-they're very durable and, most importantly, does not cost more.

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