Does it make you wonder how your car keeps you comfortable inside the vehicle cabin even when the road isn't that smooth? Well, if you have a little know-how about the suspension system, then you'll know why. In fact, besides the suspension system, other parts aid to give you satisfying ride quality. Your Pontiac strut assembly is a part of your suspension system which particularly functions as a dampening material. As we all know, the suspension's primary goal is to reduce violent involuntary movements due to road irregularities. Therefore, dampening the spring-like motions of the vehicle's body is the way to provide a smooth and stable ride.

Typical strut assembly designs are basically composed of a number of parts. These include the shock absorber, coil spring, steering link, lower control arm, and even the car frame. All these parts work seamlessly to facilitate a comfortable and smooth ride. The design of a strut assembly is basically for two purposes. One, it serves to dampen body movements that causes negative effect to the vehicle cabin due to the reaction of the springs to road irregularities, making the ride uncomfortable. At the same time, it provides a structural support for the suspension of your vehicle.

There are a number of strut assembly designs available in the market. The most commonly used strut types are the MacPherson strut and Chapman strut designs. The main feature of a MacPherson strut is that it can be used for both front and rear suspension. It is composed of a wishbone or a substantial compression link controlled by a secondary link, which at the same time provides a mounting point for the wheel axle. Compared to MacPherson strut, the Chapman strut is applicable only with the rear suspension system. Ideally, the two are utilized as team, the MacPherson at the front and the Chapman strut at the rear.

Since the shock absorber and strut assembly work hand in hand to stabilize driving condition, they are both crucial in keeping vehicle occupants safe as well. Just try to imagine when making it through tough turns, the suspension could have easily caused hard steering and control without the strut to compensate for your vehicle's movement. Consequently, when the strut wears out, it will allow excessive vehicle weight transfer from all the sides of your vehicle. And so, ensuring that your Pontiac suspension systems are equipped with conditioned Pontiac strut assemblies is very vital.

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