A shoddy Nissan Murano strut assembly is bad news for you-sloppy auto suspension is often the effect when this component breaks. You'll see a huge difference in ride quality, as your vehicle plunges, lurches, and jerks once you stop or corner. The strut assembly helps control the up-and-down movement of your car, so to enjoy a smooth and bounce-free ride, make sure you fix this suspension part right before it completely fails.

No matter how even the rd. may seem, there are still irregularities just like potholes that make the automobile bounce or sway too much-good thing is, your Nissan Murano strut assembly absorbs the impact. Exposed to heavy use and damaging road elements such as road salt and dust, the strut assembly may break after reaching a certain mileage. If it is time to fix the weak suspension component, look for a stock replacement that is a perfect fit to your automobile's make and model. A lot of aftermarket options conform to or even exceed original equipment quality-they're highly reliable and, what's more, more affordable.

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