Be ready for a very bouncy driving experience once the Nissan Micra strut assembly is already busted, making steering and suspension horrible. You will spot a dip in ride quality, as your vehicle flops, lurches, and vibrates once you stop or corner. So you don't have to deal with bouncy rides any longer, repair the OE when it's already shot and had ceased doing a decent job at minimizing the up-down motions of your automobile.

Your Nissan Micra strut assembly dampens the shock brought about by the road bumps to make sure your automobile will provide you with great suspension and superb handling. Because of stress and harsh elements such as salt and dust, the strut assembly may get damaged after reaching a certain mileage. When it's already necessary to replace the defective suspension component, go for an OE replacement that is matches your vehicle's year, make, and model. A good number of aftermarket parts meet or even beat OE quality-they are very durable and, most importantly, does not cost more.

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