A busted Nissan Altima strut assembly isn't good news for you-awful vehicle suspension is normally the effect when this kit goes kaput. You'll experience excessive bouncing and swerving, particularly when you're hitting the brakes, driving over potholes, or cornering. The strut assembly minimizes the up-down motion of your vehicle, so for a firm and trouble-free ride, be sure to replace this part before it totally breaks.

Your Nissan Altima strut assembly soaks up the shock coming from the humps so that your automobile will provide you with smooth suspension and crisp control. Eventually, the strut assembly conks out, most especially if it's constantly exposed to damaging elements or harsh driving conditions. When it is time to restore the weak suspension component, use a new strut assembly that is compatible with your car's year, make, and model. A good number of aftermarket choices conform to or even beat OE quality-these are highly reliable and, most importantly, more affordable.

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