The Mitsubishi strut assembly is basically a part of the suspension system which consists of a rod or bar used to oppose longitudinal compression. In other words, it strengthens the framework of an automobile, making it sturdy but well separated from each other. The strut also acts as a shock absorber but without the need for an upper suspension arm. Positioned at the chassis of your vehicle as its reinforcement, the Mitsubishi strut assembly ought to get regular maintenance and all the necessary ways of extending its life or keeping it efficiently working.

Aside from the strut assembly, the springs, shock absorbers, and tires work in conjunction with one another to provide comfortable and safe ride. Basically, the strut works having the same purpose as the shocks, differing only on how they are implemented on the system and design. There are two types of strut assemblies known as the serviceable and sealed strut assemblies. The sealed type contains all the integral parts in a single assembly. Whereas, the serviceable type has its parts separately installed from one another. However, they can both be used with the MacPherson and the Chapman strut.

Though struts are used in both front suspension and rear suspensions, the MacPherson strut different. This one's applicable only for the front due to its steering pivot or kingpin and also a suspension attaching for the wheel. Nonetheless, MacPherson strut has been widely preferred because of its simplicity and low manufacturing cost. The Champan strut on the other hand is the one that's utilized for the rear suspension system. But basically, the latter is simply a variant of the MacPherson.

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