Be ready for an extremely bumpy riding experience once the Mazda 323 strut assembly is already busted, making steering and suspension horrible. You'll see a big change in ride quality, as your automobile flops, swerves, and jerks whenever you brake or corner. So you'll never have to deal with rough rides anymore, change the OE once it's already shot and not doing a good job at controlling the up-down movement of your automobile.

Despite how flawless the pavement may seem, there are still imperfections such as potholes that make any vehicle sway or bounce too much-fortunately, your Mazda 323 strut assembly reduces the impact. Eventually, the strut assembly weakens, specially when this is frequently exposed to damaging elements or tough driving conditions. To fix this messed-up strut, choose a heavy-duty OE replacement that fits your vehicle's features. Many aftermarket parts match or even exceed OEM quality-they are very durable and, most importantly, does not cost more.

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