Expect a very bumpy ride once the Lincoln Mark Vi strut assembly is already busted, making handling horrible. You will notice a dip in ride quality, as your automobile nosedives, lurches, and jerks when you hit the brakes or turn. So you won't have to deal with rough rides anymore, replace the stock strut assembly if it is already shot and not doing a decent job at minimizing the up-down movement of your vehicle.

Your Lincoln Mark Vi strut assembly absorbs the force brought about by the humps so that your vehicle will give you trouble-free suspension and superb balance. Over time, the strut assembly wears out, most especially if it is constantly exposed to dirt and debris or harsh driving conditions. If it is time to fix the faulty suspension equipment, look for an OE replacement that is a perfect fit to your automobile's make and model. Numerous aftermarket options conform to or even exceed original equipment quality-these are sturdy and, best of all, aren't that expensive.

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