A busted Lincoln Continental strut assembly is terrible news for you-sloppy car suspension is usually the effect in case this assembly wears out. There'll be too much bounce and sway, most especially when you're applying brakes, driving over bumps, or turning. The strut kit reduces the up-down motion of your car, so to enjoy a smooth and bounce-free ride, you'd better fix this suspension component well before it completely breaks.

Your Lincoln Continental strut assembly dampens the shock coming from the road bumps, so your vehicle can have great suspension and crisp balance. Eventually, the strut assembly weakens, specially when this is heavily exposed to road salt or tough road conditions. Once it is time to change the weak suspension part, go for a new strut assembly that is compatible with your vehicle's year, make, and model. Numerous aftermarket options match or even surpass original equipment quality-they are highly reliable and, most importantly, more affordable.

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