A shoddy Kia Sportage strut assembly isn't good news for you-awful suspension is often the result in case this kit breaks. You will notice a huge difference in ride quality, as your car flops, lurches, and jolts when you brake or corner. So you'll never have to suffer from bumpy rides any longer, repair the old strut assembly in case this is already shot and not doing a decent job at minimizing the up-and-down motions of your automobile.

Your Kia Sportage strut assembly absorbs the shock brought about by the road bumps so that your car can have great suspension and superb balance. Due to heavy use and harsh elements such as salt and dirt, the strut assembly might wear out after a certain mileage. To fix this malfunctioning suspension component, look for a heavy-duty OE replacement that fits your vehicle's requirements. Many aftermarket options meet or even beat OEM quality-they are highly reliable and, best of all, aren't that expensive.

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