A shot Isuzu Ascender strut assembly is bad news for you-sloppy car suspension is normally the outcome when this assembly wears out. You'll experience increased bouncing and swerving, especially when you are hitting the brakes, driving over humps, or cornering. So you won't have to deal with bouncy rides anymore, fix the old strut assembly once it's already busted and no longer doing a great job at reducing the up-down motions of your automobile.

Your Isuzu Ascender strut assembly absorbs the shock coming from the road bumps so that your vehicle will give you smooth suspension and crisp handling. Exposed to stress and damage-causing elements such as debris and grime, the strut assembly may wear out after a certain mileage. If it is time to replace the faulty suspension equipment, go for an OE replacement that's matches your vehicle's year, make, and model. A good number of aftermarket parts match or even exceed original equipment quality-they're sturdy and, what's more, aren't that expensive.

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