A shot Hyundai Tucson strut assembly is terrible news for you-awful suspension is usually the result once this kit goes kaput. There'll be excessive bouncing and swerving, most especially if your are hitting the brakes, driving over humps, or cornering. So you won't have to put up with rough rides anymore, change the old strut assembly in case it is already shot and no longer doing a great job at reducing the up-and-down motions of your car.

Your Hyundai Tucson strut assembly absorbs the impact brought about by the uneven road surface, so your vehicle will provide you with smooth suspension and superb handling. Due to pressure and harsh elements such as road salt and grime, the strut kit will conk out after a few thousand miles. To fix this faulty suspension component, go for a heavy-duty OE replacement that suits your vehicle's design. You will surely find a slew of OE replacement options that cost less but ensure excellent performance and quality like a genuine stock part.

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