Almost all types of vehicles utilize a strut as part of their suspension system. It is a support made up of bar or rod which is intended to resist the longitudinal compression and usually found in the chassis. The strut usually integrates various components into one assembly. The suspension components that are included in strut assembly are coil spring, spring seats, shock absorber, strut bearing, and steering knuckle.

With those abovementioned suspension parts making up a strut assembly, it allows the device to serve various purposes. With the availability of the spring, providing support to the vehicle's weight is made possible. The shock absorber also facilitates in dampening the movement of the spring as it compresses and rebounds while the vehicle is traveling. More than that, the strut housing acts as the structural part of the suspension system as it connects the upper strut bearing to the lower ball joint. In this case, it permits the whole strut assembly to pivot every time the steering wheel is turned.

In your Hyundai vehicle, your Hyundai strut assembly performs also the same function. And since it performs a very significant job in order to deliver better handling and excellent ride quality, keeping the device in best shape and condition is a must. After all, your Hyundai strut assembly is said to be a key component for your safety. Keeping your Hyundai strut assembly in tiptop shape and condition offers great possibility that the performance of your suspension system will not be set into compromise. Moreover, your Hyundai strut assembly is also designed so that your car will be more fuel efficient as it reduces your vehicle's weight.

The components comprising your Hyundai strut assembly will eventually wear out due to frequent use. In this case, it is important to replace the entire assembly to ensure the compatibility of each device. Neglecting to replace a defective Hyundai strut assembly can affect the ability of the tire in having a good contact in the road.

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