A crappy Gmc P15 strut assembly is terrible news for you-sloppy car suspension is usually the effect once this kit goes kaput. You'll experience increased swerving and bouncing, especially if your are braking, driving over potholes, or making a sudden turn. So you won't have to suffer from bouncy rides ever again, repair the old strut assembly when it's already busted and no longer doing a great job at reducing the up-down motions of your vehicle.

Regardless of how even the road may seem, there are still irregularities like bumps that make any car bounce or sway excessively-lucky for you, your Gmc P15 strut assembly minimizes the force. Over time, the strut assembly wears out, specially if it's heavily subjected to dirt and debris or tough driving conditions. When it's already necessary to replace the weak suspension part, look for a stock replacement that is a perfect fit to your vehicle's make and model. You will come across a slew of replacement parts that cost less yet ensure dependable fit and quality just like an authentic factory-installed part.

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