Your driving comfort is significantly attained with the utilization of shocks. Your suspension system is composed of components that may be considered as special types of shocks that contribute a lot for the effective control of your vehicle while going through the harshest possible terrain. The main objective of the suspension is to control the movement of the vehicle while the tires are in contact with the ground. Thus, the smooth handling and comfortable ride is dependent to the overall condition of your suspension system.

A modern vehicle may have either the strut suspension or the conventional suspension. The suspension components such as the coil spring, the spring seats, the strut bearing, and the steering knuckle should be kept in good condition so that comfortable ride is sustained. Along with these suspension system parts is an important shock absorber known as the struts or strut assembly. Struts are necessary to compact the suspension parts so that shocks are absorbed while driving over an uneven terrain.

The coil spring surrounding the struts acts as the shock absorber. The GMC Strut Assembly in your vehicle's front end contains this spring to effectively resist the total weight of your vehicle. The spring compresses and rebounds against the rough terrain. An internal shock absorber is intended to dampen the movement of such spring. Strut housing is used as the structural part of the suspension system as it connects the upper strut bearing with the lower ball joint. With such setup, the entire assembly pivots as the steering wheel is turned.

Struts surely suffer from damages since the constant control in the suspension is their main task. All suspension components, especially the struts, must be checked up at least once a year. The shock absorber portion and the strut cartridge of the struts must be taken into a lot of consideration because they are the components that wear out gradually. If you have a defective strut assembly, the signs that are most likely to show are increase losses in ride quality, handling, and control of your vehicle. Other possible signs of poor strut assembly are bottoming out, too much bouncing, rocking back and forth, nose-diving while braking, swaying, or cupping wear on the tires.

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