Like shocks, the suspension system is also composed of components that contribute a lot for the comfortable drive and great control on the harshest possible terrain. The suspension controls the movement of the vehicle while the tires are in contact with the road. The suspension system in your vehicle must be taken cared of in order to sustain a smooth ride.

The modern suspensions used in most vehicles are of two types. These are the strut suspension and the conventional suspension. Suspension system components must be kept in good condition since they are the ones capable in providing comfort and ease in driving. Some components included in the suspension are the coil spring, the spring seats, the strut bearing, and the steering knuckle. One of the most important suspension parts that you have to consider is the strut assembly. Struts are necessary shock absorbers in the suspension system. These compact the suspension parts so that shocks are absorbed while driving.

There is a special type of shock absorber that minimizes the motion of the suspension system.; this is the Geo Strut. The coil springs are the ones that act as shock absorbers by enshrouding the struts. Your Geo Strut Assembly is at the front end of almost all front wheel drive vehicles. The Geo Struts contain a spring to effectively resist the total weight of your vehicle. An internal shock absorber aims to dampen the movement of the spring, which compresses and rebounds against the rough terrain. A strut housing is employed to stand as the structural part of the suspension system since it connects the upper strut bearing to the lower ball joint. This setup lets the entire assembly pivot as you turn the steering wheel.

You Geo Strut assembly steadfastly encounter failures since the constant control in the suspension is its main task. This suspension component must be checked up at least once a year. Additionally, the rest of the suspension parts must be regularly maintained mainly by the shock absorber portion and the strut cartridge, since these are the components of your struts that wear out gradually. Always remember that you have a defective strut assembly when there are increment losses in ride quality, handling, and control of your vehicle. Also, you can refer to other signs of damage such as bottoming out, too much bouncing, rocking back and forth, nose-diving while braking, swaying, or cupping wear on the tires.

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