Expect an extremely bumpy ride once the Ford F8000 strut assembly is already busted, making handling terrible. You'll see a big change in ride quality, as your car flops, lurches, and jolts when you brake or corner. So you won't have to put up with rough rides anymore, fix the OE once this is already broken and had ceased doing a good job at controlling the up-down motions of your car.

Your Ford F8000 strut assembly dampens the shock from the humps, so your car will have great suspension and superb balance. Because of stress and damage-causing elements such as road salt and grime, the strut kit will conk out after a certain mileage. To repair this malfunctioning strut, use a durable stock replacement that suits your car's specifications. You will come across plenty of OE replacement components that are less pricey but still ensure dependable performance and quality just like a genuine equipment.

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