Expect to have a very bouncy ride if the Ford F7000 strut assembly is already ruined, making handling horrible. You'll experience too much bouncing and swerving, most especially if your are applying brakes, driving over humps, or making a sharp turn. So you'll never have to put up with bumpy rides any longer, repair the OE if it is already busted and not doing a good job at minimizing the up-down motions of your ride.

Your Ford F7000 strut assembly soaks up the shock coming from the road bumps so that your vehicle can have trouble-free suspension and crisp control. Exposed to heavy use and damage-causing elements that include road salt and grime, the strut might wear out after reaching a given mileage. Once it is time to restore the weak suspension part, look for a stock replacement that's a perfect fit to your automobile's make, model, and year. You will discover a bevy of OE replacement options that are less pricey but still provide excellent performance and quality similar to an authentic factory-installed part.

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