Expect a very bouncy drive once the Ford Expedition strut assembly is already defective, making suspension and steering awful. You will spot a big change in ride quality, as your car plunges, wobbles, and vibrates once you brake or turn. So you won't have to deal with bouncy rides anymore, fix the stock strut assembly when it is already broken and not doing a great job at controlling the up-down movement of your automobile.

Your Ford Expedition strut assembly dampens the shock brought about by the uneven road surface, so your vehicle can have smooth suspension and superb handling. Because of pressure and damage-causing elements that include debris and dust, the strut will conk out after reaching a given mileage. To repair this malfunctioning strut, choose a durable stock replacement that fits your vehicle's design. You'll find a slew of aftermarket components that cost less yet provide the same fit and quality like a true-blue stock part.

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