A crappy Ford Excursion strut assembly isn't good news for you-poor suspension is often the effect when this assembly goes kaput. You'll experience increased bounce and sway, most especially if your are hitting the brakes, driving over humps, or turning. The strut assembly reduces the bounce and sway of your car, so to have a firm and trouble-free ride, you'd better restore this part right before it completely cracks.

Your Ford Excursion strut assembly absorbs the impact coming from the humps, so your automobile will have smooth suspension and excellent control. Exposed to stress and damaging road elements like road salt and grime, the strut assembly might break after reaching a certain mileage. When it's time to replace the faulty suspension component, use a stock replacement that is a perfect fit to your vehicle's year, make, and model. You'll discover a bevy of OE replacement parts that are more affordable but still offer the same performance and quality similar to a true-blue equipment.

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