The suspension system is the basic reason why you are having a comfortable drive and great control over the roughest terrain. This system has a big responsibility in controlling the movement of your vehicle while the tires are in contact with the road. Thus, for sustaining ride comfort, you must maintain an effective strut assembly in your suspension. Modern vehicles employ either of the two most common types of suspension, which are the strut suspension and conventional suspension.

All of the vehicle's suspension system components must be in perfect condition, since everything in the suspension affects the performance of the whole system. To mention some of the important parts included in the suspension are the coil spring, the spring seats, the shock absorber, the strut bearing, and the steering knuckle. One vital suspension part that has to be given a lot of consideration is the strut assembly. The Struts are like shock absorbers in the suspension that take care of some suspension parts by compacting them in an assembly.

One special type of shock absorber is the Ford Strut that minimizes the motion of the suspension system. The strut assembly is enshrouded by the coil spring that acts as the shock absorber. This is often used on the front end of most front wheel drive vehicles. The Ford Struts contain spring that effectively bears the total weight of your vehicle. The internal shock absorber dampens the movement of the spring that compresses and rebounds during the travel. The strut housing connects the upper strut bearing to the lower ball joint. This structure makes the entire assembly pivots when the steering wheel is turned.

You must always ensure the good condition of your suspension since you are aware of its important task in your vehicle. Your Ford Strut assembly must be kept from damage since it is subjected to take the task in constant control in the suspension. A regular check up can be taken at least once a year for any strut assembly. The shock absorber portion and the strut cartridge, which are among the components of your struts that wear out gradually, must be taken into much consideration. Once the strut assembly becomes defective, it may manifest increment losses in ride quality, handling, and control of your vehicle. Other signs of poor struts are bottoming out, excessive bouncing, rocking back and forth, drifting or nose-diving while braking, swaying, or cupping wear on the tires.

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