Be ready for a very bumpy riding experience once the Dodge Neon strut assembly is already defective, making steering and suspension horrible. There'll be too much bounce and sway, especially when you are hitting the brakes, driving over potholes, or cornering. So you'll never have to suffer from bouncy rides anymore, fix the stock strut assembly once it's already broken and not doing a decent job at controlling the up-down movement of your car.

Your Dodge Neon strut assembly soaks up the shock from the humps, so your car can have trouble-free suspension and crisp balance. After some time, the strut assembly wears out, especially when this is frequently subjected to road salt or tough road environment. To repair this messed-up equipment, look for a heavy-duty stock replacement that suits your car's requirements. You'll find a myriad of replacement parts that are more affordable but offer dependable fit and quality just like a genuine factory-installed part.

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