A crappy Dodge Monaco strut assembly is terrible news for you-sloppy auto suspension is usually the effect when this component fails. You'll notice a dip in ride quality, as your vehicle plunges, lurches, and jerks whenever you hit the brakes or turn. So you'll never have to suffer from bouncy rides anymore, replace the old strut assembly in case this is already busted and not doing a good job at controlling the up-and-down motions of your ride.

Your Dodge Monaco strut assembly soaks up the shock from the uneven road surface, so your car will have trouble-free suspension and excellent control. Eventually, the strut assembly breaks, most especially if it's constantly exposed to road salt or harsh road environment. To repair this messed-up equipment, look for a hard-wearing replacement that matches your car's features. You will discover a slew of aftermarket components that cost less but still provide reliable performance and quality similar to an authentic equipment.

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