Expect a really rough ride once the Dodge Challenger strut assembly is already defective, making handling horrible. You'll see a huge difference in ride quality, as your car nosedives, swerves, and jolts whenever you hit the brakes or turn. The strut assembly helps control the bounce and sway of your automobile, so to enjoy a firm and trouble-free ride, be sure to restore this suspension part right before it finally cracks.

Despite how smooth the rd. may look, there are still imperfections just like potholes that make the automobile sway or bounce almost uncontrollably-good thing is, your Dodge Challenger strut assembly minimizes the shock. Due to stress and harsh elements that include debris and grime, the strut kit may conk out after reaching a certain mileage. When it is time to fix the defective suspension equipment, look for a stock replacement that's a perfect fit to your automobile's year, make, and model. You will discover a slew of aftermarket components that are more affordable yet ensure dependable quality and fit just like a true-blue stock part.

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