A shoddy Dodge B300 strut assembly isn't good news for you-poor vehicle suspension is normally the effect once this part wears out. There'll be excessive swerving and bouncing, especially when you're braking, driving over potholes, or making a sharp turn. So you'll never have to deal with rough rides ever again, fix the stock strut assembly if it's already busted and no longer doing a good job at reducing the up-and-down motions of your automobile.

Despite how even the pavement may appear, there are still rough spots just like humps that make the vehicle bounce or sway too much-thankfully, your Dodge B300 strut assembly reduces the force. Due to pressure and damage-causing elements such as salt and gunk, the strut assembly may break after a certain mileage. To fix this malfunctioning equipment, go for a heavy-duty stock replacement that fits your car's specifications. You will certainly find a myriad of replacement components that cost less yet offer excellent quality and fit just like a true-blue equipment.

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