A crappy Chevrolet Luv strut assembly is bad news for you-poor vehicle suspension is usually the outcome once this part goes kaput. You'll see a huge difference in ride quality, as your vehicle plunges, lurches, and vibrates once you stop or make a turn. The strut kit minimizes the up-down motion of your vehicle, so for a smooth and bounce-free ride, be sure to fix this suspension component before it completely cracks.

Your Chevrolet Luv strut assembly dampens the impact from the humps so that your vehicle will have smooth suspension and crisp balance. Eventually, the strut assembly weakens, especially when this is heavily exposed to damaging elements or harsh road conditions. If it is time to replace the defective suspension equipment, go for a stock replacement that's compatible with your car's make and model. A lot of aftermarket parts meet or even exceed original equipment quality-they are very durable and, best of all, more affordable.

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