Expect an extremely rough driving experience once the Chevrolet G10 strut assembly is already busted, making suspension and steering awful. There will be excessive bouncing and swerving, especially if you're hitting the brakes, driving over potholes, or cornering. The strut helps control the up-and-down movement of your car, so for a smooth and bounce-free ride, you'd better fix this suspension part right before it totally breaks.

Regardless of how flawless the road may look, there are still irregularities like humps that make your car bounce and sway almost uncontrollably-fortunately, your Chevrolet G10 strut assembly minimizes the shock. Over time, the strut assembly weakens, especially when this is frequently exposed to dirt and debris or harsh road environment. When it's already necessary to restore the defective suspension part, go for a stock replacement that is a perfect fit to your vehicle's year, make, and model. Many aftermarket parts match or even exceed OE quality-they're highly reliable and, best of all, doesn't cost more.

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