A crappy Buick Skyhawk strut assembly is bad news for you-awful vehicle suspension is normally the outcome when this component wears out. There will be increased swerving and bouncing, most especially if your are braking, driving over humps, or cornering. The strut kit helps control the up-and-down movement of your car, so for a steady and level ride, make sure you replace this suspension component well before it totally fails.

No matter how even the rd. may look, there are still imperfections just like humps that make any automobile bounce or sway almost uncontrollably-good thing is, your Buick Skyhawk strut assembly minimizes the shock. Over time, the strut assembly breaks, specially if it's frequently subjected to road salt or tough driving conditions. To repair this faulty suspension component, go for a durable OE replacement that suits your vehicle's design. You will discover a bevy of replacement parts that are less pricey yet provide the same fit and quality just like an authentic stock part.

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