Do you often experience that bouncy ride whenever you give your car a turn into an intersection? Does it rock back and forth every time you give your car a sudden break? You might be having some problem with the worn out struts that your car has. All of the cars that have a front wheel drive, its strut assembly can be found on the front end of the vehicle. It goes along also with those rear wheel drive cars that have it on the rear end of your car. You may notice that Buick strut assembly comes along with the part in which that wheel gears are located. Its job is to make the components of your Buick car to be connected into an assembly thus giving it a multi purpose function in the lower part of your car.

Almost all of the strut assembly that we have in the market today comes with the shock absorber that takes care of dampening the tension that a bumpy ride creates. It also has a spring that can be properly adjusted to any kind of terrain your car might be trekking. Every time the steering is put into motion, the entire assembly worked as a team as it takes a pivot along with the upper strut bearing connecting the lower ball joint. Aside from this, it also connects to the strut housing that serves an important role in the whole structure of the suspension system. As a summary of all these functions, struts also provide a structural support to the suspension of your Buick as well as holding the tire into an aligned position and also support the spring.

Whenever you have a leaking strut, take a closer look at it and make sure that it does not loose the needed fluid of your car and it still maintains the resistance that it gives to your car. Shiny spots and coil clash might eventually develop through the connecting area of the safety bumper. It often occurs when there is an extensive use of suspension. You'll know that you already have a worn out strut assembly whenever you encountered this kind of signs on your Buick.

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