Does your car give you an uneasy and uncomfortable feeling as it lean its way every time you are on a tight curve? Or does it rock from side to side when you are changing lanes. If your car is having a drift form left to right whenever you apply brakes firmly at a high speed, well the problem then must be your strut assembly. A badly shaped strut can affect greatly the performance of your car when it comes to speed and durability. Along with it, a worn out shock can also affect you car's breaking effectiveness.
We all know that shocks are the one responsible in giving us a comfortable ride in our car. But what we don't know with them is that they also influence the control and handling characteristics of your vehicle. Struts along with the shocks can wear out gradually because of the constant bump your car usually gets. Excessive driving on a rocky surface can extremely affect the life of your strut. Struts are the first in line from being battered from extreme hostile that the underneath of your car usually gets. Usually on BMW cars, strut assembly is composed of a strut housing that provides the rigorous structural support for the assembly, a coil spring are used to support the vehicles weight and a damping unit within the strut housing are the one who controls the movement of the spring and the suspension. Steering knuckle is being attached also to the bottom of the strut body in which it is connected in the lower arm control using a lower ball joint. The assembly also includes a jounce bumper that is located under the upper spring seat. The main purpose of this part is to limit the travel that was made by the suspension by not allowing the components to hit each other. Finally, in the end of the strut assembly there is a large nut that holds everything together in place. Vehicle strut assembly must be always checked at least once a year to ensure its conjunction to the alignment of the wheel. So, if you are looking for the perfect strut assembly for your BMW then you came to the right place — Parts Train. Worry no more because installation is just one step ahead. Our BMW strut assembly comes with the all necessary parts that composed a strut assembly. And here's more, our site offers this part in such a low price that will surely gives you the best online shopping you ever experienced. Get this now from our wide selection of most trusted brand when it comes to struts or call our toll free hotline if you have further inquiries.