Be ready for an extremely bumpy drive if the Audi A6 strut assembly is already damaged, making suspension and steering awful. You'll notice a big change in ride quality, as your car plunges, swerves, and jerks whenever you brake or corner. So you don't have to put up with bumpy rides ever again, change the old strut assembly in case it is already shot and no longer doing a great job at minimizing the up-and-down motions of your automobile.

Regardless of how flawless the road may look, there are still rough spots just like bumps that make your automobile bounce or sway too much-lucky for you, your Audi A6 strut assembly minimizes the impact. After some time, the strut assembly weakens, specially if it's constantly exposed to road salt or tough road conditions. If it's time to replace the weak suspension part, use an OE replacement that's a perfect fit to your vehicle's year, make, and model. You will certainly come across a myriad of replacement parts that are more affordable but provide dependable fit and quality just like a true-blue equipment.

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